Thursday, July 10, 2008

dried fruit and loot bags

A mother came into the store today getting various things for what seemed like loot bags for a child's birthday party. She was walking around the store making choices and placing them on the counter with intent to purchase them later. I walked over to the mini fridge and took out a cranberry muslix yogurt cup with granola. As i was pouring the granola into the yogurt the sound of the grain sliding out of the plastic cup seemed to attract the mothers attention. She then noticed the small dried cranberries that were mixed in with the granola and asked me
"Are those Craisins?" I looked at her and said "Yeah, i guess they are..."
She Turned away from me and started walking around the store again and said;
"My little Marshal just goes ga-ga for craisins." I said nothing. She paid and left.

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