Thursday, July 24, 2008

vomit inducing Canadian super villain

i drag myself out of bed more hung over than ive ever felt. i throw up twice. Once in the shower. Once out of the shower. I drive to the grocery store and buy some bananas and apples in an attempt to undo what ive done to my body. I pass a bus that say "Have a nice day" on it with a little smiley face. I get to work a few minutes early so i got to the washroom and throw up three times. When i come out there is a guy waiting outside so i unlock there door. He comes in and says that he loved the new batman movie so much that he had to come in and get some batman comics.
He is on a "Batman High" and he needs a "fix". As he is browsing the comics he says to me that he thinks for the next batman "they" should bring back Jim Carey to reprise his role as the Riddler.
I feel like throwing up again.
He buys about twenty different batman comics and one super girl and then leaves.

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