Sunday, August 17, 2008

grand kids with unanswered questions

An older woman with really tanned skin and really white teeth walks in the door and immediately makes eye contact with me. Right then I knew she was going to ask me a question that i couldn't hope to ever have the answer to but i smiled any way and said hello. She was wearing really white capris and a a yellow Hawaiian shirt with pineapples all over it. She told me about how she bought a Barbie c-d ROM game called Barbie Explorer. From what i understand its kind of like Tomb Raider, but your character is Barbie looking for some fucking giant crystal that gives Ken a real Penis or some shit. But none the less, She tells me that Her grand kids played the game and were "Shocked and Horrified" that when Barbie finally finds the crystal the words "...To be Continued." pop up and the game ends. This Woman was personally offended by the game developers choice to end the story with a cliff hanger. She didn't buy the game at my store, nor have we ever stocked any Barbie related products. So i looked it up on Google and actually went to the fucking Barbie website to see if the second half of this gut wrenching tale could be purchased anywhere, only to find that it in fact does not exist. I break the news to her that as of now there is no second part. She gave me a look like that your catholic grandma would give an abortion doctor and asked me how could that be? I said i didn't know and that perhaps they have writers working 12 hour shifts writing the story for Barbie Explorer Part two and the game has yet to be made. She said that i wasn't being very helpful and then left the store.

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