Sunday, September 28, 2008

Panic! at the Campus

So school started and I'm at the comic store a lot less than in the summer. So not as many jokes at the store. However, because i go to a college deeply rooted in the arts industry a lot of the general clientele that would frequent the shop also attend classes in the same building that i do. So i guess the comedy i find in this situation is this: Because i work at a comic store the people that come in assume i am on the level and will have no hesitation what so ever about full disclosure based on the extremely nerdy and often embarrassing interests that they might have. I'm all ready in the store. The store is a safe haven and i am one of them. No ones has any problem asking me if the wall mounted Dragon statue has a good chance of selling in the near future or to special order them a PVC statue of a naked twelve year old girl with a giant banana between her legs. However when i bump into these customers made aquintances on campus its like a deer in head lights. Wide eyed. Focused on me and then looking down at their feet, paste on a smile and then look back up. They look at me like a we met at a party and fucked and they gave me a fake phone number and are now bumping into me at the mall. They look at me like a closet homosexual who left their journal on a park bench when they were writing about sucking dick or licking box and i am the guy who found it, called the number and we are meeting so i can give it back. They Say "Hey" and they studder and their voices crack and they some times sweat. And i say "Hey" back. They feel threatened because no matter how tight the jeans are that they wear or how many unique tattoos and piercings they have or how many cigarettes they smoke or how many cool under ground band t-shirts they have, i know the truth. They all look at me as if i know some kind of horrible secret that if revealed could tear the very fabric of their existence. And in a way i guess i do, right? sort of?
Thats pretty funny i guess then.

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