Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hang-overs avec Van Halen

So i am really hung over and tired after being out in the city until six am having been drinking since six at night. Lots of fun and lots of friends but to say the least i felt like shit. I came into the shop and made a nice cup of tea and put on some soft sounding relaxing music. I was ready to enjoy my tea, chill the fuck out and loose my hang over in some low volume Otis Redding. I hear the door open and before i even turn my head to see him, i hear him. He is a head phone exhibitionist. You know those people, who walk around with their head phones around their neck with their music at full volume just so they know that you know that they not only like Disturbed but like them enough to advertise it. Well this dude is one of those dudes. Its unseasonably freezing out. He has got on a denim jacket, dirty looking white shirt on and cut off jean shorts. High white socks and some brown nikes. But its not disturbed coming out of his head phones. Its Van Halen. Particularly that song "JUMP". You know it but just in case you don't know that you know it,
I would have been a little annoyed becuase of his energtic and loud pressence but as he walked past me behind the counter he pointed at me with both hands in the signature heavy metal hand gesture and said "Whats up brother!?" in a really positive manner and i kind of admired his enthusiasm. He walked around the store a for a few minutes and i noticed that when the song eneded, it simply started back up again. Same song. Jump. Van Halen. I thought it was a little weird and then when it started again for the third time i jsut found it halarious. This dude woke up on sunday morning, put on shorts and a jean jacket and walked to a comic store with jump on repeat. That was his morning. Jump started for the fifth time and he was drumming on his legs and tapping his toes when i asked him if he needed a hand with anything. He took one hard look around the store scanning for nothing in particular and said. "Nah...there's nothing for me here man...thanks though." and then he left. Stoic and content, he walked off into the distance. He kind of reminded me of kwai Chang Caine but if he listened to really upbeat power rock.

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CLR said...

Dear Ear Wig.
I might not like your pinch, but you've got good punch.
This is funny and I like that person without knowing him. I think its the denim...