Sunday, October 26, 2008

pins and needles

i wake up. i get in my car. i start to drive to work and my day is all ready fucked. I'm less then three minutes away from the shop and i see them. The ones that go to the conventions. The ones i have described in a previous posts. The people who dress up in costumes of their favorite characters. And they are headed right in the direction of my store. I immediately panic. Racking my brain. Could there be a convention in the city that I'm not aware of? Perhaps they are just going to the GO station across the street from the shop. But i couldn't even fool myself into being that naive. I was starting work in two minutes, and this flock of hopeless foolishness was going to invade my store. I've dealt with their kind before. The ones that don't only dress up for conventions, but for fun in everyday circumstances and more often than not, to go shopping at a place where their kind is to an extent tolerated. They come and they browse and they ask five hundred questions and they shriek and scream in excitement and they are loud and they are rude and they will often ask to order something they know is impossible to find just so they know that I know they are into some seriously underground shit. Waste my time, and patience and fuck wit my chi like a sonovabitch. I get in, open the shop and make a tea and i wait. I sit and i wait for them to arrive. Its kind of like how the few seconds before a doctor sticks you with a needle feels like ten minutes. I sit and I wait and I pace and I sweat and get nervous. I wish it would just happen so I could get the whole ordeal started and then over with. Customer after customer normal people come in and shop and leave. I'm waiting for these ghouls to enter at any second, and I'm cringing every time i hear the door open. Minutes into hours, and before I know it its closing time and there was no appearance of the costumed brigade of nerds. As I lock the door and turn off the OPEN sign i have an unsettling feeling that all though i was dreading their appearance, because i was expecting it my day some how feels incomplete. Sort of out of sorts. Half a step back words. I'm worried that those people in the costumes actually had some thing ELSE to do other than come to a comic store. I guess i feel a little rejected. But I'm more worried about how these people who I chastise and mock behind their backs were able to control my day and some how actually make me feel a specific way. I'm all out of whack now, and i think i have a weird co-dependent relationship with nerds to make me feel good about myself or something. I dunno, comic stores and emotions is like onion. layers nigga. mad layers.


katefeesh said...

hi paul. this is kate.
I also think you should spend more time in comic book stores so you can make more funny on this internet book. I'm not telling you what to do it's just a suggestion.

Earwig said...

well thanks for reading. Im glad you like it, and i agree that i should spend more time there. In order to keep up the funny.
but as for "paul"
i have no idea who that is.
is a nice name. biblical.
but ive never met him.